Canyon Creek residents may reserve and have a message posted on our neighborhood entry sign. Before making a request, please read the policies below.   The HOA Board reserves the right to approve all messages posted on the entry sign.  Please refrain from requesting messages to advertise your personal services, or a business, or a political position. HOA messages take priority. Rarely, an unscheduled HOA message will need to be displayed. If you have reserved the entry sign for a message and an HOA message must bump your message, you will be contacted and your check returned. The entry sign is a service for residents and not a business. Please be patient with your neighbor volunteers! Mistakes sometimes happen and we will do everything possible to fix them. Thank you!

How it works:

Request a message by contacting the entry sign coordinator at  

Minimum time to reserve is 72 hours before the date you would like your message posted.

Maximum time to reserve is 30 days before the date you would like your message posted.

The cost of posting a message on the entry sign is as follows:

  • $30 for one message to be posted for 3 days
  • $60 for one message to be posted for 7 days

A message may take up to four lines. Including spacing, the lettering is 15 characters per line.  Messages are normally changed on the sign on Thursday and Sunday evenings.  Messages will be displayed on the first available side. Preferences will be taken into account.

Please make your check out to: Canyon Creek HOA.

Please mail your check to the following address, making sure that it arrives before the time scheduled for your message:  Lydia Gueli / Spectrum Association Management / 8303 North Mopac Expy, Ste. B120 / Austin TX 78759.  

The HOA does not issue receipts. We will email you if we have NOT received your check. If you do not receive an email, assume that we received your check and your message will be posted.

Fundraising messages, including those for schools, churches, and extracurricular activities, are required to pay the normal message sign fees. The HOA will post community oriented messages for free, if space is available. Please contact us as soon as you can (the 30 days rule does not apply) to reserve space. 

Free messages include:

  • Local public school messages;
  • HOA sponsored parties;
  • Community service messages: oak wilt notices, community service opportunities, swim team announcements, bulk trash pick up.

Please email us at for any further questions you may have.