Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Why does Canyon Creek have a Compliance and Fine Policy? 
    A: Fines are simply a way to discourage members that violate Canyon Creek's compliance guidelines which are spelled out the the Canyon Creek Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions document (also known as the DDCRs document).  
  2. Q: What happens to the collected fines? 
    A: No individual person or no predetermined single project benefits from collected fines.  All fines are put into the Canyon Creek general operating fund for the benefit of the community at large. 
  3. Q: What percentage of the Canyon Creek's budget is collected through fines? 
    A: Less than 1%. Again, fines are NOT intended to be a revenue source but as a deterrent to compliance violations. 
  4. Q: Are the Canyon Creek Board members, the Architecture Review Committee members or management company compensated in anyway by any  fines? 
    A: No.
  5. Q: Why is money wasted on sending out compliance violation notices by registered mail? 
    A: It is a requirement of the Texas Property Code Title 11. Restrictive Covenants Chapter 209. Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act, Paragraph 209.006 Notice Required Before Enforcement Action (b)(4) that "Notices with an Intent to Fine" and "Notices with a Fine Incurred" be sent out as registered mail (or as stated in the statute "verified" mail).  As it takes extra time to deliver and receive registered mail, it is Canyon Creek's current policy to also send out the exact same notice via regular mail to give members the maximum allowable time to respond to compliance violation notices.  As there is a cost associated with the mailing of notices by registered mail, the first notice is paid out of Canyon Creek's general operating fund, while subsequent notices are added to the member's outstanding balance. 

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