Exciting News for Canyon Creek - (Happy April Fools Day!)

The Canyon Creek neighborhood has always been groundbreaking and forward looking when it comes to issues of importance to the environment. We were one of the first neighborhood associations to receive an award from the City of Austin for our forward thinking approach to water conservation and now we are bringing that same vision to climate change by taking a bold step forward to limit our carbon emissions.

The Board of Directors is excited to finally announce that we are moving forward on the development of a neighborhood monorail! For the past several months, the board has been working with the design firm of Landley, LLC to bring this exciting new transportation amenity to our Association members. The all-electric, six-car monorail will travel near silently along an elevated five mile track starting at a new passenger station to be built at the Church at Canyon Creek. The line will travel along Boulder, turn onto Chestnut Ridge offering riders scenic views of the greenbelt and canyons from its elevated viewpoint, and finally reconnect to Boulder before stopping at 620 near St Thomas Moore Church. Boarding "micro-platforms" will be stationed along the route with a second major passenger station located near the new community center at Canyon Creek Park. Commuters from as far away as Corbe Estates and Savannah Ridge will now enjoy easy access to pools, parks and tennis courts in the neighborhood. And, if you need a loaf of bread or gallon of milk, the Shell Station at 620 is just a short ride away. While we can't bend the laws of space and time, we can make the ride feel a lot shorter since riders will enjoy gigabit wifi service courtesy of AT&T's new Gigapower buildout in our neighborhood.

The monorail glides past the Canyon Creek pool and community center in this rendition (click to embiggen)

For the holidays, we have a special treat planned when our hospitality committee will transform the monorail into the Polar Express! But, the best news of all is that your existing pool key is the only ticket you need to get on board. Now, we need you to get on board and share this exciting news with all your neighbors. We are budgeting a small assessment increase of only $800 per year bringing the total to only $1200 a year and a $44,500 assessment spread over 4 years. Payment plans will be available. We think this is a small price to pay to be at the forefront of neighborhood based micro-action on carbon emissions and climate change and we think you will agree. If you have noticed the orange barricades along Boulder, work has already begun to relocate underground utilities and prepare the easements for the track foundations. We expect minimal disruptions during the day as the heavy construction is planned for the overnight hours from 11pm to 7am. Any blasting or jackhammer work on the limestone bedrock will be strictly limited to the overnight hours on Fridays and we will be distributing complimentary earplugs to all residents once this work commences.

Utility work on Boulder Lane for the monorail.

Utility work on Boulder Lane for the monorail.

We are super excited to present this exciting new amenity in time for the 2017 holiday season and the Polar Express extravaganza! Our hospitality committee is seeking volunteers to help make our monorail launch party a huge success. Please reach out to one of our volunteers if you would like to help. All Aboard!