Landscaping and Greenbelt Guidelines

The Master Declaration of the Association requires owners keep their lawns and landscaping well maintained and in good condition at all times. We have provided guidance on lawn and landscape care here.

Note: You are responsible to remove any dumped brush, yard debris and trash adjacent to your property regardless of who may have put it there.  You may be fined if you fail to do so.  Large brush pick-up is on February 12.  Contact the if you need assistance. 

  • Greenbelt Stewardship Guidelines: 
  • Choosing what trees, plants and flowers to keep, remove, and buy:
  • Getting involved:
    • We are searching for Canyon Creek residents that would like to participate in the Landscape and Greenbelt advisory committee (to be formed) and in the clean-up weekends.  Please send an email to to volunteer or if you should have questions.  
      • Clean-up crew members to participate in safely operating chain saws, mowers, and raking and hauling off debris.
      • Horticulturist that can assist in identifying what is safe to trim and remove.
      • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts masters looking to engage their troops especially those working toward merit recognition.
      • and anyone that wants to make Canyon Creek a safer neighborhood.
    • Future Greenbelt Cleanup schedule: 
      • January 26 through February 11, 2018: This is YOUR responsibility to do this work.  Contact the if you need assistance. 
        • Objective:
          1. Firewise brush trimming on your property, 
          2. Removal of "over the fence discarded" brush, lumber, and anything that is "down and dead" within 50 feet into the greenbelt. 
          3. (Extra Credit) Firewise trimming within 50' fire-load from behind your home.  You MUST follow Firewise trimming guidelines.  NO CLEAR CUTTING.
      • February 24, 2018 - 8am: Meet at the cul-de-sac at the end of Brimfield Drive.
      • (tentative) April 28th & 29th, 2018:  Our objective will be to clean-up the area marked in green to reduce the dangerous fire load from the marked area.
    • Workday supplies: 
      • Water, Gatorade, etc.
      • Lunch will be provided assuming that you are present when we take the headcount.  You should provide your own lunch if you have special dietary needs.
      • (recommended) Protective clothing (long sleeve shirts, long pants, gloves, hat, sunscreen, etc)
      • (requested) Rakes, wheelbarrows, branch trimmers, chainsaws.