Call for Volunteers-Firewise Project Workday 1/20/2018

Firewise Project workday on Saturday January 20th, 8am-4pm CST.  We are looking for resident members that can join us to take a 2 hour or 4 hour shift to operate chain saws, trim branches, and drag brush for mulching.  The work will be easier than it sounds and will contribute to reduction of the wildfire risk in Canyon Creek.  Your board members will be there to show you how to help.  Many hands will make light work.  Please contact the board at, Mark Weaver (512-423-9251) or Cheng Wooster (512-203-4603) to sign up for your preferred time slot or Q&A.   Plan on bringing water, work groves, a hat, long pants and sturdy shoes.  We will be meeting in the cul de sac near the home of 10300 Canyon Vista Way.  (Please do not block anyone's driveway, fire hydrants, etc.)   You may read more about the Canyon Creek Firewise program here:

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HOA Payment Information Update from Goodwin Management

Effective January 1st, 2018 Goodwin Management will no longer be offering our in-house ACH payment program or processing payments through If you are currently enrolled for either service and you wish for your payments to be paid electronically going forward, you must go to and set up your payments. Please visit your association website for detailed instructions on how to sign up.

Please see the 2nd page of the PDF for information needed to fill in the payment form online. 

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Fence and Hardscape Compliance

One area the HOA has asked our compliance monitor to focus on during the winter months is fences and hardscape. More notices of non-compliance with wood fence appearance and/or maintenance standards are going out and we're beginning to see an increase in replacement activity as a result. Follow these design guidelines to avoid unnecessary expenses and fines for non-compliance.

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Canyon Creek Greenbelt Fire Risk - What Can You Do To Help?

There have been instances of fires being set in the Canyon Creek HOA Greenbelt areas.  The police and fire marshal have been made aware of these instances.  Anyone found guilty of setting these fires may be appropriately charged by authorities.  Please contact the Police (911), Travis County Fire Marshal or your Canyon Creek board to report any information on these instances.  If you see something, say something.

No fires of any kind are allowed in any part of our Canyon Creek HOA greenbelt areas as it poses a certain risk to property damage and to the lives of our residents.  

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Amenity Center project schedule update

We are in the process of rebuilding the Canyon Creek bathhouse into a first class amenity center.  Our new center will benefit all property owners and will enhance the values of our individual properties.  To ensure that all of our members have full access to our pool next season, we have modified our schedule to begin construction in the fall of 2018.  The new amenity center should open in the spring of 2019.

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Feral Hogs

For the safety of Canyon Creek residents, to help protect the habitat of other species, and to minimize ongoing personal property damage, the Canyon Creek HOA board has voted to hire a service company to trap and remove feral hogs from the HOA owned greenbelt property.

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Architectural Review Committee Guidelines

Our community covenants state that improvements to residences shall not be started until a plan is submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Committee. What needs ARC approval? Things that you add or change to the outside of your property. Examples include new landscaping, decks, sheds, pools, house additions, and house painting or roofing if it’s a different color or material. The only exceptions are routine maintenance - replacing your fence or deck, or driveway as long as the materials, color, and location are the same as what is currently installed in your home.

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Canyon Creek 1st Annual Memorial Day Run

Throw on a blue t-shirt, pack up the family and join your neighbors in experiencing a little patriotism this Memorial Day. Athletes of all levels are welcome to run/walk in honor of those who have died in service to our nation. Boy Scouts will be selling hot dogs and water after the run!

The event will begin at 9 am on Monday, May 29th, on the hill by the pool. There will be a live performance of the National Anthem, as well as a few words devoted to the day.

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Street Parking Enforcement to Resume

Street parking is a topic the HOA Directors have been hearing about from our residents. Vehicles parked on streets can impede the progress of emergency and delivery vehicles, trash and recycling collection, and affect the ability of drivers to see and react to potential hazards. And, of course, many residents are concerned about the negative impact on community aesthetics when vehicles are parked on neighborhood streets.

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Canyon Creek Earthday Update

EARTH DAY 2017 Mulch-a-Thon is Here!!

Thank you for all the enthusiasm for this chance to make a difference in our neighborhood environment!! Join in to help conserve water in Canyon Creek on Earth Day, this Saturday, April 22!! Every household in Canyon Creek can make a difference!!



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Clean up after your pet

Many people in our neighborhood have pets that they love to take on walks in our community. This is good for both the pet and for the owner.  While getting fresh air outside, dogs love to defecate and urinate while on their walks. Owners should pick up after their animals to keep the surrounding areas clean and sanitary.

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Directors Consider Updated Fine Policy

As we talked about in our earlier post outlining our strategic priorities this year, the Board has been looking at our current policies and rules with an eye toward addressing complaints from Members about poor compliance with provisions of our governing documents that deal with aesthetic issues (among others) in the neighborhood. As the first of a series of planned steps to address these concerns, at the March 30th meeting of the Canyon Creek Board, the Directors voted to publish a proposed update to the Association's Fine Policy for violations of the Canyon Creek Restrictions (as that term is defined in our governing documents).

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