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Canyon Creek HOA Committees

Amenities Committee (Basketball, Tennis & Volleyball Courts, Pool):

  • Jetti Nasrallah (Chair, Amenities Director)

Architecture Review Committee:

The members of the ARC may be reached at 

  • John Conners (Chair)
  • Lauri Fischer
  • Gladys Poorte
  • Dave Marshall

Bathhouse / Community Center Remodeling Project Committee

  • Mark Weaver (Chair, Project Manager)
  • Brett Funderburg (Budget and Legal Review)
  • Russ Jakala
  • Jetti Nasrallah (Design Aesthetics, Amenities Director)
  • Cheng Wooster (Communications)

City of Austin Committee / Liaison / Local Traffic

  • Randy Lawson (Chair)

Community Projects Committee

  • Russ Jakala (Chair)

Compliance Violations Review Committee

  • Russ Jakala (Chair)
  • Brett Funderberg
  • Jetti Nasrallah
  • Lauri Fischer

Event Committees:

Firewise / Greenbelt Committee:

  • Cheng Wooster (Chair)
  • Dave Marshall 

Traffic Committee

  • Randy Lawson (Chair)
  • Dave Marshall

Website / Electronic Commications Committee

Please send a message to if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this website. Thank you!

  • Dave Marshall (Webmaster)
  • Mark Weaver